Intugame VR Troubleshooting 102

February 1, 2016

Awesome Intugamers!

Our time in Silicon Valley in no way interferes with our communications with our users. (We’ll tell you more about our California dream come true very soon.)

And since we saw how useful the first self-help blog post was, now we’re continuing it with Intugame VR Troubleshooting, Part 2.

Server Crashes or Won’t Start

As you probably know, what we call ‘the server’ is actually our desktop app – the one you download from our website. This is one of the very common problems users with laptops write to us about. The solution is usually very simple:

Configure your laptop to use the integrated Intel video/graphics.

This is easily done through the control panel of your video card, which is quietly waiting in the tray of your taskbar.


‘Computer Not Found On Network’

In case you get this error, turn off your firewall and antivirus software. Sometimes they decide Intugame VR is not a trusted program and cut off its access.


Inverted Head-Tracking

You’re looking up, but the picture goes down? Turning left, but going right in-game? Don’t worry, this is usually due to a very simple setting:

In the ‘Settings’ on your Desktop Intugame VR app (you can find them by right-clicking the Intugame VR button in the tray while it’s running) disable the ‘Watch YouTube 360 videos’ option.

It’s not selected by default, but sometimes while looking around the Settings, our users turn it on and forget to turn it back off.


Black Screen

The issue with the black screen on your phone is one we’ve been hearing about for a while. We isolated the cause and pushed an update for the Desktop app.

So if you get a black screen, update the Desktop app by downloading it again from our website.

If the problem continues, make sure you go through the Test Client as described here and send us information on the results afterwards.



If your game is choppy, this might be due to very few Frames Per Second (FPS) being sent to your phone. This could be due to several reasons:

  1. Your router might not be strong enough. We recommend using a 5 GHz router.
  2. You might have the ‘Aero’ function on your Windows enabled. It usually puts incredible pressure on the graphics, so if this is the case, make sure you disable it and try again.
  3. Playing on a Windows version lower than 10. Due to the massive migration to Windows 10, we’ve made sure everything runs smoothly on it with Windows 7 and 8 also performing well, but not top-shape well.

If the problem persists, run the Test Client as described here and see how the performance is doing there. If it’s way better, then there is a ‘bottleneck’ somewhere along the data transmission from your PC to your phone.


Cursor Not Visible In-Game

This is actually not a bug. Making the cursor visible in-game is a feature we’re working on implementing at the moment. Very soon you’ll be able to see it while playing in VR.



If this post as well as the first one was not useful enough to you, drop us a line at, containing the following information:

  • Description of your problem
  • Version of Intugame VR installed on your PC
  • Your PC’s OS
  • Your smartphone’s OS
  • Intugame VR App version for your phone (if Android – the regular or GearVR version?)
  • Parameters of your routers
  • Any findings of your own from the Test client, if applicable
  • Games you’re trying to play

Enjoy playing in VR and may all your issues be resolved!