How Epic Games Can Reach the Full Potential of Fortnite’s In-Game Events

April 27, 2020

Epic Games stayed true to their name once again and provided a mind-blowing psychedelic in-game event in Fortnite, presented as a virtual Travis Scott show. Although it’s officially labeled as a concert and even premiered Scott’s new single ‘THE SCOTTS’, the experience is more of a multiplayer semi-interactive music video. And yet, you’d think it can’t get any more impressive, wouldn’t you? Well, read along to see our take on how it can reach its TRUE full potential!

After the previous super-EPIC events like a black hole wiping a whole island and keeping the game ‘in the dark’ for several days, as well as a Marshmello show watched live in-game by millions of players last year, everyone’s expectations kept growing and the studio did not disappoint. Here is what the full event looked like from a gamer’s point of view:

Here is an official recap on Travis Scott’s channel:

When we say the event is more of a music video, we’re not kidding. Have a look at the official video for ‘THE SCOTTS’ which has now been viewed 17 million times and is staying on the Trending chart on YouTube for a third day in a row:

So, how can this get any better?

Knowing us and what we do, it’s not that hard to figure out where we’re going with this, right?

Did you guess Virtual Reality? YOU GUESSED RIGHT!

And we’re far from the only ones thinking in this direction. Users on YouTube and news outlets are also jumping on the hype train for epic in-game VR live events!

Project Spherical tried to get us closer to the VR experience, providing a 360-video of the event and while it’s still not the best representation of how these mountains of hard work by Epic Games can come to life, it’s gives a pretty good idea:

As usual, you have the last word: would you like to see some in-game events in the future and what would you give to experience them in Virtual Reality?

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