Immersive computing
on the edge.

QuarkXR is an ultra-fast, hardware-agnostic software solution for Cloud XR applications. Low-latency compression and wireless transmission enables Cloud/split-rendering solutions with 5G, while all heavy processing is offloaded on Edge Cloud GPUs.

QuarkXR is live on SeedBlink!

As a horizontal platform, QuarkXR has applications in many different industries. This is why we decided to open our latest fundraising round to angel investors and experts from areas ranging from Automotive & Aerospace, to Banking and Insurance. We collaborated with SeedBlink to launch a fundraising campaign on their amazing platform.

SeedBlink makes it easy for retail investors to participate in startups where they can contribute with their knowhow and experience. You can now join QuarkXR in our journey to shape the Future of Work and address a $10-billion opportunity!

We are happy to announce Vitosha Venture Partners as our lead investor for this round. You can check out our detailed Q&A session with Vitosha and SeedBlink about the round on YouTube.

Overview image of the QuarkXR campaign on SeedBlink. Photos of QuarkXR, Vitosha, and SeedBlink representitives
QuarkXR Framework
Now open for submissions by XR devs!
Apply Here!

QuarkXR is among the few companies pushing the boundaries of what's possible in virtual spaces.

Jon Fingas, Endgadget

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