Control Room - Our First App Powered by QuarkXR's Unity SDK

We launched the QuarkXR Unity SDK to enable easy integration of Cloud Streaming into any Unity app. The feedback of the XR developer community has been ecstatic, and we'll soon see the first commercial 3rd party applications based on QuarkXR. People are taking advantage of Cloud Streaming in countless use cases: Productivity, Collaboration, Education, Training, and the list goes on.

Control Room is our first in-house application using the QuarkXR Unity SDK. It is available for FREE on Oculus App Lab and SideQuest for the Oculus Quest and Quest 2. Control room will act as a direct line to you - our end user. We want to hear your feedback, and improve both Control Room as a standalone application, but also the underlying Unity SDK. We invite you to download Control Room and let us know your thoughts.

Download Control Lab for FREE

To keep track of our latest updates and find support for common issues, join our Discord community.

One awesome advantage of our Unity SDK is that adding custom Unity scenes is very easy. Control Room has several virtual environments with plenty more on the way!

We are also working on Control Room Pro and Enterprise editions with the following features:

• Multiplayer support to enable team collaboration in VR!
• Multiple screen support to enable better productivity!
• Ability to add custom Unity scenes. Work in your dream virtual environment!
• Chat with people outside of VR via a simple web link!
• And much more!

Installing and running Control Room

Thanks to Oculus App Lab, you can install Control Room directly from you headset using this link. You also need to install our Server app for Windows. An .msi installer is available through our GitHub page. The Server currently supports Windows 10 and Windows server 2016+ with either an NVIDIA (GTX 900 Series or newer) or AMD (GCN 1 or newer) GPU.

Note: NVIDIA NVENC/AMD VCE compatible GPU required. Support for integrated graphics is on the way.

Control Room will automatically connect to any QuarkXR Server running in the local network. Detailed instructions are available through our wiki page. If you run into any issues, please refer to our FAQ page, or our contact form. Or simply join our Discord server (link above).

Note: Instructions on how to connect to a remote computer (Oculus for Business version) are coming soon!

Once in Control Room, you can move freely in the scene using the the thumbstick on the left Oculus Touch Controller. Or you can use the UI to reposition the screen, or adjust the curve and distance. Each screen is rendered on a separate timewarp layer to improve readability.

Look forward to updates regarding Control Room Pro and Enterprise!