QuarkXR Unity SDK Is Available on GitHub

We launched the QuarkXR Unity SDK to enable easy integration of Cloud Streaming into any Unity app. The feedback of the XR developer community has been ecstatic, and we'll soon see the first commercial 3rd party applications based on QuarkXR. People are taking advantage of Cloud Streaming in countless use cases: Productivity, Collaboration, Education, Training, and the list goes on. Learn more about developing with QuarkXR for Unity on our GitHub page.

You can also read more about our Unity SDK in our dedicated blog post.

Through the QuarkXR Framework we make CloudXR development as easy as the creation of websites and mobile apps. Our modular architecture allows for integration at every step.



Define what components are needed for you use case, i.e. Input, Haptics, Audio, etc.


Different applications have different format requirements for files, video, or audio. Thanks to the modularity of QuarkXR, you can simply plug in your own proprietary codec and take advantage of our Cloud Framework.


QuarkXR supports OpenVR applications out of the box. However, we are agnostic to any type of content - 360 videos, 3D models, etc. Use the Content API to create your custom Frame Provider.


Working on a new exciting XR hardware? The Client API makes it easy to put the power of CloudXR to your work.


Different XR devices have different inputs. That usually includes head and controller tracking, but how these are defined is left to the developers. QuarkXR also supports Haptics to empower the most immersive XR experience.


QuarkXR is designed for real-time streaming of different types of data. Create your own custom streaming fitting your specific app needs.

If you're working on new XR headsets, accessories, haptics, treadmill, or any other innovative XR devices with focus on Enterprise, Arcade, or Education, you can probably benefit from streaming. If this is the case, sign up for access to the QuarkXR framework above.

QuarkXR will allow for content to be streamed from the Cloud to all sorts of XR devices. Аccessories, in turn, will communicate with the content through the framework.

QuarkXR stream has support for video, audio, tracking data, haptic, and other kinds of generic input/output.Be among the first to get your XR creation to the next level - sign up and get access the moment QuarkXR framework launches!

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