Case Study: Experience Architectural VR Directly from the Cloud with QuarkXR

December 2, 2022

Experiencing Architectural VR directly from the Cloud is super easy with products like Enscape and QuarkXR.

Products like Enscape already have great Virtual Reality support for various design workflows, enabling architects to use powerful visualization tools. Still, this use case requires significant hardware to run: Enscape recommends at least an NVIDIA RTX 3070 graphics card or an AMD equivalent GPU. Using desktop VR for the internal design process is probably good enough, but what about enabling just anybody to experience Architectural VR?

This is where Cloud streaming technologies like QuarkXR and NVIDIA CloudXR come into play - by leveraging Cloud GPUs, any Enscape project can be experienced on standalone VR devices like the Meta Quest without the need for a workstation computer. This enables simple showcase of any Architectural project to customers or other stakeholders anywhere in the world. In the following case study we partnered with the Architectural company Kunchev Studio which uses Enscape as part of their workflow. Below we outline the simple process of deploying and using Enscape content from the Cloud via QuarkXR.

The first step is to build a standalone executable version of your project for Windows. Once that is available, your can sideload the build to a QuarkXR server. If your business requires deployments at scale, note that QuarkXR has partnered with SynthesisVR to provide a comprehensive CMS and MDM solution for SMEs.

On the Cloud server, you can just run the executable file. Enabling VR in Enscape is as simple as pressing a button. You should be able to find a 'Virtual Reality' toggle under Settings -> Devices:

Project provided by Kunchev Studio

Enabling the VR toggle launches SteamVR, and the content is ready for streaming. Any QuarkXR server comes with our SteamVR driver which is capable of streaming any SteamVR-compatible application without the need of additional SDKs. The last step is to launch the QuarkXR client application on your headset and connect to the corresponding server.

QuarkXR currently supports client applications for the Meta Quest, Pico Neo 3/4, and HTC Focus 3. We continue to expand our support for platforms like Snapdragon Spaces, Magic Leap, or HoloLens. Below is a screenshot from the Meta Quest 2:

Photo of architectural visualization
Project by Kunchev Studio

Interested in enabling Cloud streaming use cases for your business with QuarkXR? Leave us a message, or email us at

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