Announcement: QuarkXR has been selected for LG NOVA’s Mission for the Future Global Search. Get in touch at CES®

January 5, 2023

Important announcement: people can try QuarkXR demos at the LG NOVA lounge in Eureka Park during CES ® 2023. The link to book your demo is available here.

For the past couple of months, we've been very eager to share some exciting news about QuarkXR. We've become one of just 39 companies to be officially selected for LG NOVA’s second annual Mission for the Future ’22 Global Search for innovative concepts and transformative solutions for people and the planet. The program saw 2,170 submissions in total, which makes the acceptance rate just 1.8% (compared to Harvard University's acceptance rate of 4%) and puts QuarkXR in a very elite club.

Mission for the Future Selectant – 1
Full list of selected companies by LG NOVA.

The Mission for the Future Global Search is a program hosted by LG NOVA, LG Electronics’ North American Innovation Center, to find promising businesses for collaboration with LG to jointly develop new solutions to improve quality of life and build a better future. As a part of this program, QuarkXR may qualify for pilot programs with LG NOVA, and potential investments from LG Electronics, LG Display and other LG NOVA affiliates. Learn more about the Mission for the Future and LG NOVA at An official press release is available on the LG Newsroom website.

LG NOVA has several focus areas, and QuarkXR is part of the Metaverse & Gaming cohort. This is because QuarkXR is a cloud streaming platform which enables enterprise use cases on XR devices like the Meta Quest for industries like telecoms, manufacturing, automotive and architecture. We see plenty of potential synergies with LG NOVA, and the broader LG affiliates and subsidiaries.

Most importantly, QuarkXR will be presented at the LG NOVA lounge in Eureka Park during CES® 2023 and showcase our vision of the future of XR and how people will work and communicate. You will be also able to book a demo of QuarkXR by signing up here.

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