Top 5 VR Arcade Experiences

June 21, 2017

Arcades might be a thing from the past, but VR аrcades and theme parks are definitely the future. We've already talked about how arcades are making a comeback thanks to VR and there are so many awesome VR experiences right now — we decided to put on a non-comprehensive list of our favorite ones so far.

5. Ghostbusters


We know — "Ghostbusters: Now Hiring" had some negative reviews, but people tend to forget that this VR arcade thing is really, really new, and Ghostbusters actually brought a lot of much needed attention to it. "Ghostbusters: Dimension" proved itself to be way more fun, and is a part of a really cool facility we'll talk more about later.

4. IMAX VR Experience Centre


The IMAX VR Experience Centre in Los Angeles features 14 VR pods (cubicles) in which you can play games like "John Wick Chronicles", "Trials on Tatooine", and "Eagle Flight Multiplayer". We couldn't choose which one of these offers the best experience, so — yeah, we gave 4th place to the whole centre.

3. Samsung 4D VR Experience


Samsung had a special pod for the best VR experiences at CES 2017. It’s really, really intense, as it gives the feeling you’re on a rollercoaster. You’re swirled around, face down, face up, flying in space, and as you can see from the video – the journalist from CNET who tried it says he prefers to close his eyes due to motion sickness. It looks like a sick ride.

2. Kraken Unleashed @ SeaWorld Orlando


Who would have thought that one of the best VR experiences out there will be at… SeaWorld? Here’s what happens when you combine a REAL rollercoaster with virtual reality. Man, we haven’t tried that but we bet it’s gonna be worth every penny!

1. Pretty much everything at THE VOID


Now, this is what it’s all about, and this is the future of VR arcades. The games you can play in THE VOID push the limits of immersiveness by combining a physical set with real-time interactive effects, and engaging all your senses. You take a deep dive into the game (whichever you choose) and this is how we all imagined virtual reality should feel in 2017. The world needs more of that!

Have you ever tried a VR arcade or went to a VR theme park? What do you think is the best VR arcade experience? Share your thoughts with us here or at our Facebook page!

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