Viveport Went Live! Here’s What You Get

April 10, 2017

HTC’s Viveport went live last week, one year after the retail release of the HTC Vive. If you don’t know what Viveport is – well, it’s basically a subscription-based app store for VR content, just like Spotify is a subscription-based app for music. Kind of.

What is Viveport offering?

Instead of buying separate games, now you can spend $6.99 per month and play a number of HTC Vive games available in the store at the moment. You can play them in full (just like if you owned them) as long as you stay subscribed.

Is there a long-term commitment?

No! You can pay for just one month and stop if you want. Right now you can even have your first month for free which is great if you want to check it out and decide if Viveport will suit you well.

Is there a catch?

Not really, but… well, there’s a little bit of a catch, if we can call it “a catch” at all. Currently, you can choose between ~50 games, and download and play just 5 of them at once. Also, you have to keep in mind Viveport is very new and you can still expect some stability issues and bugs. Fortunately, Rikard Steiber, president of Viveport, said users can expect regular updates and improvements based on the users’ feedback.

What are they expecting?

Viveport is seeing 100,000 active users weekly (!) and even more monthly users of the service, as this number doesn’t even include mobile users. This sounds promising as it might give the developers another, stable source of income which should ultimately result in more great content. Also, HTC are probably expecting your $6.99 after the free trial month. Just saying. You’ll be the judge who’ll say if it’s a great price or you need more convincing.

What are people downloading the most so far?

The most downloaded content from Viveport so far includes “Everest” (we totally understand that), “Firebird: La Peri”, “Fantastic Contraption”, “Apollo 11”, and “theBlu”. You can also try these titles, while we recommend you to consider “Lumen”, “Alcatraz”, and “Mars Odyssey”.

Have you tried out Viveport? Your first month is free for now so if you haven’t tried it yet – do it and share what do you think about it here on our Facebook page!

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