Top 5 Space-Themed VR Games

February 20, 2017

Who doesn’t love space? I mean, not just having a space in your home or on your hard drive, but the SPAAAAACE we are so eager to explore. We see it when we look at the night sky, yet we can’t easily go there, unless we’re millionaires. And even then, we can just get a short tour, that’s all. We dream of space exploration and space adventures. And maybe that’s why there are so many space-themed games, even when we’re just talking about VR games. We had the chance to play a few of them and decided to share with you our Top 5 of space-themed VR games. Here’s our list:

Space Pirate Trainer



Most popular doesn’t necessarily mean “the best” but Space Pirate Trainer is so much fun and we’ve spent countless hours playing so we can’t hide it’s our favorite. It’s immersive, it’s precise, it’s dynamic, and you feel like you’re really pulling the triggers on your weapons, and it’s also a pretty good workout if you try hard enough. It has its flaws, of course, and the pace is significantly slower if you use a shield but it’s still a great way to have fun in VR even for absolute beginners.

EVE: Valkyrie



This game requires a bit more skill but it’s just… beautiful. You get to fly around, shoot at moving targets, upgrade your ships, shields and weapons, and it doesn’t have that arcade game feel that, for example, Space Pirate Trainer has. The game is hard to master but once you get your grip right, you might have the time of your life playing it.




A space game must not always be about shooting and ADR1FT is the proof for that. Here you’re an astronaut and, if you’re like us, you are kinda disoriented at the beginning. Still, when you figure out what you have to do, you’ll get used to the lack of gravity, and you may not feel the hours passing by. One advice, though – don’t forget you’re not actually in zero gravity and keep your balance. Experience speaking here.

Star Citizen



Okay, we know it’s not even a completed game yet, but man, this one looks so promising! We had the chance to try the Alpha version and the game is so realistic, beautiful, immersive, and simply amazing, we just weren’t able to exclude it from this list. This is what “No Man’s Sky” should have been, and this might be the bright future of VR. Of course, it’s not late to become a grandiose failure as well but so far – so good! VR needs this game to be great. We’re tired of hearing about vast new multiplayer universes every day, we want to experience them!

CDF Starfighter



Yes, yes, I know, it’s another shooting game, it’s a bit more simplistic in nature but that’s not a flaw. It’s an indie game that looks great and doesn’t have that “cheap” feeling that lots of indie games have. The environment might not be the best but it’s more than enough for having fun in space for a couple of hours. It’s not frustrating in any way, and doesn’t require a lot of learning. It’s perfect for trying out as a beginner.

We know there are at least a dozen of other space-themed games that you can play in VR and that you might feel some of them are more deserving to be on this list. What would your list be?

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