Elderly Ladies React to VR - Our Top 5 List!

December 19, 2016

Oh, yes, we did!

Watching videos from around the world of senior ladies diving into virtual reality for the first time is definitely on our list of hilariously entertaining activities.

Hundreds of interesting experiences have been developed already and some of them are just too good to not share with your favourite grandmother. From brazen swearing and words of wonder to gut-wrenching screams, their reactions are utterly priceless and today we felt the strong urge to share our very own top 5 reaction videos.


5. The wife of a late magician, this lady experiences VR like few people ever have:




4. This lady's true amazement at seeing dinosaurs up close both warms our hearts and makes us chuckle throughout the whole ordeal!




3. This lady quickly makes the switch from "Oh, Lord!" to "SON OF A B****".




2. This lady seems to be afraid of rollercoasters. Of course, her kids showed her a rollercoaster demo.




1. This lady sunk into her chair screaming while seemingly flying down a rollercoaster. She'll be fine, folks!



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