Top 3 Free Games for Samsung Gear VR

March 6, 2017

You probably know (or maybe not, if you stumbled upon our site for the first time) that you can use our Intugame app to play any game from your PC in VR. Still, we'll be talking about games that are made to be played in VR, and today we'll talk about Samsung Gear VR and the 3 best free games you can play on it.

We've searched the web lately and we found out that many people are wondering what to do with their Gear VR headsets after having a few experiences with them and now these nice pieces of tech are collecting dust in the corner. That's kinda sad so we're here to help you find with some basic games you can play on it for free. Until you decide to buy them (or not) at some point, of course.


We’re not sure how to call this game’s genre but it’s basically a simple (yet beautiful) turn-based RTS. You are on a spaceship’s deck and you can play solo or in multiplayer mode, sending your squadrons to a battle with the enemy in a futuristic neon environment. The battles happen before your eyes, even though they seem a bit far but you’ll get used to that fairly quickly. Also, if you like the game enough, you can buy the full version for about $5 which is an absolutely fair price.


Oculus Arcade

Using the new technology that is VR to play games that are considered ancient by today’s standards might seem unacceptable to some people (maybe millennials, who knows) but if you love old-school gaming – this might be the thing for you. Oculus Arcade includes more than 20 classic titles like Pac-Man and Sonic. The catch is, you can play them for free for just 20 minutes each, after which you’ll have to buy the game you want. You decide if you want to continue playing your favorite arcade classics or not. Also, you need a controller but we guess that was expected.


Proton Pulse Demo

This game is also going “back to the roots” and it’s pretty much a new form of 3D Breakout in VR. It doesn’t get any simpler than that – you have a rectangle in front of your eyes that serves as a paddle, you move your head around the stage, and the “paddle” moves with it. There’s no buttons to press, you just look around and that’s all the controls you need to play the game! It might also serve you as a neck exercise. Please tell us if you find a game that requires less from you to play it! Of course, you can only play the demo for free but it’s more than enough to have some fun with.


Do you have more suggestions for free Gear VR games? What could someone play for free with just sliding his phone into the headset? Tell us here on our Facebook page!

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