5 Future Applications of Virtual Reality

November 4, 2016

We already use virtual reality for multiple purposes, but there are still directions it’s expected to go that are currently in their starting phases. Here are 5 of them! Hopefully you’ll find them interesting and maybe even see them as a challenge for your imagination.

The Travel Industry

Instead of flying around the world, you could enter the world of virtual reality. With VR headsets advancing so rapidly, we are left to think “What’s the next thing?”. Soon we might have full-body VR suits that simulate temperature, wind and a variety of other sensations from the environment we are transported to. It will become harder for our minds to remember where our bodies actually are. Traveling across the planet from the comfort of your own home sounds quite nice indeed. You could have breakfast in Paris, lunch in Egypt and maybe even dinner on the Moon. All while having a conversation with a virtual Mahatma Gandhi.

The Movie Business

Believe it or not, there aren't that many VR movies out there. Even though virtual reality has become a serious industry, most are short clips with some wacky animation in them. Wouldn’t you like to see a full-blown Hollywood blockbuster which is completely VR compatible? Well, it’s coming - large movie studios are already looking into it! Well, there's one industry in particular that's already making good use of VR, and that's the adult entertainment industry. Yeah, we'll leave it at that.

From a Business Perspective

Imagine how much money you would save by attending your conferences and meetings virtually. Businessmen and women from all over the world will no longer need to fly, stay in hotels and eat at fancy restaurants. Instead, they'd simply equip their virtual reality goggles from the comfort of their home or office and attend a conference in Las Vegas. Or on Mars? That way they can explore and interact with people just as if they were really there.

The Gaming Industry

Yes, we know, we know. Virtual reality is mostly used for playing games. However, most of them are mini games that are meant to be completed within a few minutes, up to an hour. We expect to see massive games like Counter-Strike, GTA V, Call of Duty and many more to be fully VR-compatible in the near future. There are services that offer an alternative, such as Intugame VR, which streams the image from your PC to your mobile phone in 3D via WiFi. Your phone turns into a mobile VR headset and - just like magic - you're walking around your favorite Counter-Strike map.

Try Before You Buy

Remember the giant house you saw that one time while vacation? You wondered what it would be like to live there. Soon you’ll be able to find out without having to buy it. Virtual reality house tours are not just distant ideas! They are real and keep improving with each passing day. The same can be said about cars. More and more dealers offer VR test drives of their cars. Soon you’ll be able to take a VR ride in your dream car without worrying about crashing it. All in all you’ll be able to not just see, but experience the product or service before buying it. Doesn’t that sound cool?

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