7 of the Best Uses for Virtual Reality (Aside From Gaming)

April 6, 2016

Now that Quark VR is up and running, the only limit for Virtual Reality experiences will soon be your own imagination. We've talked a lot about VR gaming and the world is giving a lot of attention to... well, VR porn. But there are tons of not-that-popular uses of the technology that are inspiring, fascinating and literally life-changing!

1. Therapy

Fear of heights, the dark, public speaking and even PTSD - all of these and many more are being treated successfully through Virtual Reality. Patients are constantly facing their fears in a controlled environment which leads to them getting used to the object of their phobia and getting better in the long run.

2. Marketing

Every single business can benefit from Virtual Reality. An easy example: can you imagine walking inside Superman's Fortress of Solitude days before the next Superman movie premiers? The possibilities are endless!

3. Space Training

NASA has been using Virtual Reality for space training through simulations for some time now. It has proven more than useful and the good news is it's accessible for everyone outside of NASA as well!

4. Surgery Simulations

Medicine is yet another essential field where Virtual Reality proves vital. Surgeons now train through realistic simulations before performing life-defining operations on real people.

5. Tourism

Not being able to travel to a wild island this year? Feel like visiting LA today, but you're in Bulgaria? No problem! There are tons of virtual tours out there that can take you anywhere you want to go. (Even on Mars!)


6. Real Estate Tours

Especially useful if you're about to relocate and the new destination is still pretty far from you. Walk around in your prospective home and see how it feels. Does it have enough light? How do you like the colors? The spaces?

7. Shopping

Virtual Reality Malls, dealing with real products and money, are not a thing of the future for some time now. Trillenium is among the several big players on the virtual shopping market. Having a good look at all the bags and clothes without even getting up from your couch is happening at this very moment.

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