QuarkXR and SenseGlove Bring Touch and Feel to Cloud XR

April 21, 2021

QuarkXR and SenseGlove have teamed up to combine the benefits of Cloud XR and Haptics. The two companies are proud to announce a new customer as well in Huawei Netherlands.

Industrial and design applications require a lot of immersion, not only visually (detailed 3D models, photorealistic graphics, etc.), but also in terms of presence and touch. This makes them a perfect application for both Cloud XR and Haptics - two topics that are usually discussed separately in the XR industry. This is about to change today, as QuarkXR and SenseGlove have brought a Cloud XR Haptic solution to the market, powered by the QuarkXR Framework and the SenseGlove Nova - the newest version of haptic force-feedback gloves designed specifically for professional VR training purposes.

The solution is available today, and the partners have successfully completed the first commercial deployment at Huawei Netherlands. It will be available as part of Huawei's 5G showroom at the Dutch headquarters of the company. The setup has been in full operation since last week, and we are very excited to finally share the news!

QuarkXR and SenseGlove have been collaborating for a while and were part of a project at Hubraum (by Deutsche Telekom) to bring Cloud XR to industrial applications for the first time in 2019. See the video below for more details.

With wider availability of Edge and Cloud computing, and the advancements in connectivity made by 5G networks, we are now ready to offer this solution to the mass market. Reach out via our Contact form or email us at business@quarkxr.com to get a Cloud server for your business today! You can also request to try out SenseGlove on the company website or by emailing info@senseglove.com.

About QuarkXR:
‍QuarkXR is a deep tech company creating the XR (AR/VR) Development Platform for 5G and Edge Computing. We utilize the GPU cloud to render XR applications and stream the output to mobile devices over 5G and other networks. QuarkXR enables hardware-agnostic, Edge/Cloud-native development through our Framework and Unity SDK. QuarkXR was among the first companies in the world to complete 5G customer trials in collaboration with Deutsche Telekom in 2019.

About SenseGlove:
SenseGlove develops force and haptic feedback gloves that enable professionals to feel and interact with virtual objects for VR training and research purposes. Every interaction using the SenseGlove makes virtual reality feel like a physical, real-world environment. Today, SenseGlove DK1 is used to increase the effectiveness of VR/AR research for clients like Volkswagen, Airbus, Scania, Honda, Cambridge University, TNO, Fraunhofer, Siemens, and many more.

Investors in QuarkXR Inc. are New Vision 3 Fund and Vitosha Venture Partners Fund I KD, which are co-financed by the European Structural and Investment Funds under the Operational Programme for Innovation and Competitiveness 2014-2020 managed by the Fund of Funds in Bulgaria