How to Get Fit With VR Games: Software

January 30, 2017

Lots of people don't go to the gym for various reasons. Maybe you're one of them, and we don't judge - maybe there's no gym near your home, or you don't want to listen to guys moaning and yelling while lifting wights, or... just because it's not fun at all for you. We get it.

Still, building your own fitness room at home might cost you a lot of money and space. But if you're into VR - you're also in luck! There are a few ways to exercise with VR nowadays, and that includes VR games, plus some serious hardware which we’ll talk about in the next part of this article. So, here are the games you might want to check out if you have an appropriate VR headset and the motivation to lose some weight.




Without a doubt, Audioshield is the most fun of all VR games that might help you get (or stay) in shape. You listen to music, both your hands are in constant motion, and it helps your concentration and reaction time (very important if you play sport). So if you’re looking for a fun way to do your cardio – look no further. Grab your shields (controllers), put your favorite music on, turn up the volume and work out!

Thrill of the Fight



Here the title speaks for itself, unless you're the only guy in the world who doesn't know the lyrics to "Eye of the Tiger", aka Rocky's theme. In this case - well, it's a boxing game where you use your HTC Vive controllers to punch your virtual opponent. It's a very good 10-minute workout if you put your heart into it. Duck, lean back, blcok the punches, throw some punches of your own and you might win! Your opponents are mostly emotionless, dead-eyed and don't react as expected to punches but still - it's a fun game and even funnier way to sweat a little. And please, DO NOT use the controllers with boxing gloves.




We put these two together not because they have such similar titles but because they might give you pretty much the same amount of workout. In Holopoint you are a samurai archer and you should move around all the time, testing your reaction times, while Holoball puts you in a futuristic, neon-colored room where you play some kind of a pong. Higher levels are more tough to beat and will also greatly challenge your reaction times.

Dead Hungry



That’s how we feel after a good workout, and that’s the perfect time to sink your teeth in some food. But this is also the name of a game that might not seem too tiring at first but might make you sweat more than you’ve expected. You are a cook and there’s an army of hungry zombies coming at you, so you must prepare food really fast and give it to them if you don’t want them to eat you. This game really tests your abilities to concentrate. The very appropriate hardcore/metal soundtrack also helps to keep you on your toes at all times. You can turn it off, of course. We wouldn't, though.

Pong Waves


If you’ve never played table tennis, you know how tiring it can be. Of course, the real thing is a lot harder as you have to move a lot more, and also do the hardest thing – run after the ball all the time, but Pong Waves is still a very good simulator. With it you can play table tennis at home without the need to have an actual tennis table in your room.

Next time we'll tell you what kind of hardware you can buy to get a really intense workout at home and why virtual reality can become the future of fitness.

Until then, do you have some tips or question about working out with VR? Share them with us here on our Facebook page!

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