Top 5 HTC Vive Experiences

September 20, 2016

We’re still working hard on a wireless version of HTC Vive, which means it’s our job (and we love it) to test as many features, games and apps as possible. We talked internally about which ones are our favorites so far, so we decided to share them with you. Here’s our TOP 5 list of games you should definitely experience with HTC Vive.

5. Job Simulator



When we were at the “Nights of Virtual Reality” event which we held in Sofia in August, everyone who wanted to try the HTC Vive had a few choices. A huge percentage of the people were having doubts about the name “Job Simulator” so they were choosing something else to play. But whoever tried it – loved it! “Job Simulator” is just so much fun! You can interact with your environment in a great way, you have fun with the daily task you’d normally hate, and you could eat a moldy donut from the bin. Also, it was really amusing to watch how everyone who was eating something in the virtual reality was actually opening their mouth in real life.


4. Tilt Brush



“Tilt Brush” is so addictive and beautiful, you could spend hours in it. A shiny stripe in the virtual space might turn into a 3D masterpiece in a matter of hours, and you can go as far as your imagination takes you. Drawing in 3D space is an absolutely fantastic experience. And if you’re an artist – you’ll fall in love with it from first sight.


3. The Lab



You might have not taken archery classes but that wouldn’t ruin the fun from “The Lab” for you. This simple, yet very addictive and enjoyable game gives you a bow, some arrows, and a huge amount of enemies you can shoot at before they kick your castle’s door down. The game is really easy to learn and a bit harder to master but even some first-time players at the “Nights of Virtual Reality” event got so good in a matter of minutes, we felt a bit noobish while watching them.


2. Space Pirate Trainer



Everyone at the office loves this game. Everyone who ever played it loves it. Just yesterday the guys from Fine Bros Entertainment made a video with it for their “Teens React” channel, and pretty much all the teens loved it. There’s a reason behind that – “Space Pirate Trainer” is just way too much fun. It’s an energetic FPS shooter where your hands do the pointing at the target and all the trigger pulling. You can crouch, strafe, and move to your sides to avoid being shot. The only problem is that time really flies when you play this one.


1. Audioshield



Have you ever thought your favorite song might attack you with its notes? No? Well, then you haven’t tried “Audioshield” yet – an immersive, well-polished VR experience. “Audioshield” picks notes from the song you’ve played and hurls them at you. In your hands you have two shields – a red one and a blue one, and this is how you defend yourself – block the blue notes with your blue shield, the red ones with your red shield, and the purple ones with both your shields. This game will test your rhythm and reflexes while you listen to your favorite music. We still haven’t tried playing the game with death metal on but we guess that’s what our next challenge should be.


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