Did You Miss Silicon Valley Virtual Reality Expo? We Got You Covered!

May 10, 2016

Did you miss the Silicon Valley Virtual Reality 2016? We took a walk around the expo so that we can make you a part of the experience. Some of the biggest names in the VR field were present at the expo and had their own booths. The great news on our side are that Quark VR's stand gathered A LOT of attention and we were able to demo it for tens of influential people in the industry.

The list includes AltspaceVR's founder and CEO Eric Romo, High Fidelity founder & CEO Philip Rosedale, representatives of Jaunt, OSVR, Unity, Disney, Apple, Google, Cisco, Intel, AMD, as well as to some of the most prominent VR VCs. We also successfully impressed students and faculty members of Stanford who invited us to their Rabbit Hole VR meetup.



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