5 Awesome Bulgarian VR Games

May 18, 2020

Have you heard of Bulgaria? What do you know about this rather tiny Eastern European country? Yogurt (a.k.a. sour milk)? Dimitar Berbatov? Grigor Dimitrov? Viktor Antonov - one of the geniuses behind Half-Life 2? Did you know our team is Bulgarian? Or that our country has a number of VR games and some of them are showing real worldwide promise?

Prepare to learn something new, because we've gathered 5 of the best VR games, produced on Bulgarian soil, and don't hesitate giving them a try!

1. SpellPunk VR

Developer: Incineration Productions

Wild, colorful and energetic, SpellPunk VR flings players into magical, spell-wielding combat.

Links: Website, Steam

2. Project Elea

Developer: Kyodai

What is humanity's place in the universe? Project Elea ⁠— an interactive story-driven sci-fi adventure with a rich and unsettling narrative ⁠— aims to answer this question.

Links: Website, Steam

3. Experiment Gone Rogue

Developer: Repulse

In a distant dystopian future, humanity has become the twisted experiment of a secretly malevolent alien race.

Links: Website, Steam

4. Codename: Phantom

Developer: Red Fire Games

This tacticle puzzle-shooter game puts players in the shoes of an elite agent in over 40+ different levels, putting your reflexes and quick thinking to the ultimate test.

Links: Website, Steam

5. PowersVR

Developer: Pseudocode Games

Wield fire and ice, fly in the air and jump over entire skyscrapers: PowersVR brings to life many classic comic book superpowers. Which side would you pick?

Links: Website, Steam

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