Doom 3 Is Now Playable on the HTC Vive!

November 24, 2016

Yes, it’s real. A mod for Doom 3: BFG Edition has been released and it makes the game playable on the HTC Vive with motion controllers, full room-scale tracking, and a functional UI.

The players use both controllers to move around, jump, switch weapons and interact with the game’s environment. There are still some bugs here and there, and you can’t do a whole lot more than you can do with your mouse and keyboard but the experience is really immersive and pulling the triggers on your Doom 3 weapons is pretty addictive.



Even though a lot of players think Doom 3 is not really a great game, we think everyone will agree that VR immersion might make up for any flaws the game has. You can try it yourself by following the steps in this reddit thread. If you have any issues or trouble getting the mod to work, follow the troubleshooting tips.

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