Silicon Valley Is Awesome!

December 30, 2017

If we have a favorite place in the whole wide world (besides virtual reality, of course), it's Silicon Valley! This is where future happens, right in the mechanical heart of the beautiful San Francisco Bay Area.

We were invited to the Valley to become a part of the amazing VIVE X accelerator among a few other (awesome) companies. We are incredibly proud and honored to be a part of this program, and as virtual reality is our life passion, we couldn't be happier to work alongside the best and brightest in the VR industry today.

We'll try not to spoil too much of what happened there (yet!), but we wanted to share some parts of our trip to Silicon Valley with you. More to come in 2018!

The future is everywhere in San Francisco. Even in the streets.

The holiday spirit is also here!
And if that's not amazing...

That was it from us in 2017! We wish a happy and amazing New Year to all of you!

Stay tuned and have a great 2018!

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