Making The Metaverse a Reality - Panel Discussion

November 15, 2022

Join Us for a Panel Discussion with Orange Silicon Valley and NVIDIA at the Hello Show

The Hello Show (Nov 15- 17 2022) is a virtual summit held annually by Orange Silicon Valley. The summit's topics are designed to be provocative and stimulating for executives, entrepreneurs, investors, and other vital players disrupting global markets with new technologies. Catch the Day 2-panel discussion, Making The Metaverse a Reality — Enabling Technologies, Tools, and Platforms, with speakers Greg Jones at NVIDIA, Thomas Huitric at Orange Silicon Valley and our own co-founder and CEO Krasimir Nikolov.

While the Metaverse is still a pretty fuzzy term, it is expected to comprise of massive XR inter-connected worlds. A lot of the underlying technologies to build such worlds are available for the first time right now. Join us on Day 2 of the Hello Show to discuss different use cases such as gaming, but also how a lot of jobs are getting transformed by XR, starting with many engineering and industrial professionals. The speakers on the panel represent fundamental building blocks of the Metaverse - NVIDIA is providing powerful GPUs and Cloud technologies which can render complex photo-realistic worlds, Orange is a key provider of 5G Connectivity and Cloud infrastructure, while QuarkXR is among the companies creating an ecosystem of applications and use cases through our Enterprise XR platform.

We look forward to an amazing discussion about the different platforms to build the Metaverse, their interoperability, and the 'killer' use cases! You can register for the event and join us HERE.