Beat Saber Multiplayer Is Coming!

July 16, 2018

If you own a VR set such as the HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, or Windows MR, and you still haven’t heard of “Beat Saber”, that’s the equivalent of being a PC gamer and not even knowing about “Fortnite” (love it or hate it – you’ve defeinitely heard of it). And just like the free-to-play FPS gaming sensation, “Beat Saber” is really addictive, though, unlike “Fortnite”, it’s never frustrating and is absolutely, insanely fun!

“Beat Saber” sold over 100K units for just under a month after its release, resulting in more than $2 million in revenue. Not bad for a small indie studio developing VR games (called "Hyperbolic Magnetism"), right? Fascination for the game is enormous, and the demand for a multiplayer mode has been out there since day one, so the developers are ready to implement it, as well as custom avatars and sabers. To speed the process up, the developers have invited a former community member who was already unofficially working on a multiplayer mod for the game.


"Hyperbolic Magnetism" warns players that the first multiplayer mode will be very basic, and will just let two players play together at the same level and compare their scores. PSVR and PC versions of the game are also expected in the future, but there are no plans for cross-platform multiplayer as of now.

So, are you ready to burn some calories (as much as playing tennis, apparently) in “Beat Saber” while challenging a buddy to do the same?

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