Intugame SDK Is Now Quark VR… And It’s Up and Running!

March 21, 2016

Our Software Development Kit for Virtual Reality games, apps and scenes has an official name – Quark VR! Intugame’s founders are also proudly presenting its first demo around Silicon Valley.

Times are more than exciting since most tech giants announced their own VR headsets and platforms in the current Year of Virtual Reality. However developers are torn apart by the dilemma of which platform to create for. This is where Quark VR comes in.

Easily, similarly to working with Unity or UDK when creating regular apps, teams can develop VR products with Quark VR. The cost and the learning curve are way lower than Oculus’ Development Kit for example and several teams from Boost VC’s Tribe 7 are already using it.

Another awesome component is that you will be able to create content not only for games, but for marketing, education, medicine, real estate, tourism, and many, many more!

You also have the chance of being among the first users of Quark VR for free, just subscribe for access through the form at the bottom of our homepage and make sure you select the 'I am a VR developer' checkbox.