3 VR Projects We’re Insanely Excited About

March 2, 2016

As you can probably guess (correctly at that) we’re in love with many VR projects since we’re at the center of the VR storm in Silicon Valley. However, we decided to highlight three of them that we had the honor of seeing in person and that left us speechless!

1. Leap Motion

Being able to see your hands in Virtual Reality is HUGE! Leap Motion is a sensor device that you put on your head and it captures the input from your (physical) hands and fingers. You can interact with virtual objects using your body without a mouse, a keyboard or a controller. Click on the image to see what we saw with own eyes at San Francisco VR Meetup:

2. Tilt Brush

Sculpting and painting in Virtual Reality is just as much fun as stacking virtual cubes with your bare hands! Tilt Brush allows you to sculpt in VR using an amazing tool and HTC Vive. No wonder it was acquired by Google! Again, click on the image to watch our video from a live demo:

3. Break a Leg

In case you haven’t heard about Google’s Project Tango, Break a Leg is the perfect game to introduce you to it. It will transform you into a magician and allow you to interact with objects just by looking at them and moving around in your own room. Just as the other two, this image will lead you to a video, showing the game in action:

What are YOU most excited about?

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