QuarkXR Enables Cloud XR Applications for Enterprise

Current XR devices are caught in the triangle of cost, form factor, and image quality. Improving one dimension requires sacrifices in all others.

QuarkXR provides the infrastructure that bridges powerful Cloud computing with immersive (XR) devices on the edge.

Industrial & Architectural Design

Volkswagen | Nvidia

Every automotive, aerospace, and architecture company uses VR for design reviews on a daily basis.

Industrial Training

Innoactive | Walmart

Companies like Volkswagen and Walmart use VR to train employees.

Wellness and Mental Health

Guided Yoga | VR Used to Alleviate Labor Pains

VR meditation content is used for relaxation purposes in corporations, clinics, and even airport lounges.

Productivity & Collaboration

rumii | Softspace

VR can put remote teams together and save on travel costs. Also, certain design tasks are more easily accomplished in VR. See how QuarkXR enables Remote work and Collaboration in XR.


VR Use in Class | Underwater Tour in PSVR World

The 3D nature of VR reinforces students’ mental faculties and learning abilities much better than traditional textbooks and videos.


Audi Showroom | Audi Interior Demonstration

Companies like Audi are deploying thousands of VR showrooms and dealerships worldwide.

Entertainment and eSports

Patriot Act with Hasan Minhaj | Beat Saber

The gaming industry and eSports are a bigger market than box office, music, NFL, NLB, and NBA combined - $139B vs. $99B. A particularly growing segment is Location-based Entertainment.

Military Training

Combat Simulations

Countries like Norway are looking into ways to prepare and enhance soldier abilities with AR/VR.

The Future of Office Space Is Wireless

QuarkXR works over 5G

We need an easy way to onboard companies to start using Cloud XR & 5G today. Giants like IBM have 400,000 employees. QuarkXR can bring an entire Enterprise to XR with zero hardware upgrades.

QuarkXR runs off of a centralized GPU server. It streams to non-XR computers and makes them XR-ready.

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Investors in QuarkXR Inc. are New Vision 3 Fund and Vitosha Venture Partners Fund I KD, which are co-financed by the European Structural and Investment Funds under the Operational Programme for Innovation and Competitiveness 2014-2020 managed by the Fund of Funds in Bulgaria