Welcome to Your New Reality!

August 3, 2015

Do you like realistic video games? Counter-Strike? Battlefield? Crysis? But how realistic exactly? Do you know that now there is a way to experience each of them and many more in a reality very similar to our own? You can experience them to the fullest with Intugame VR!

If you haven't tried it yet, a brief introduction: Intugame VR is an application that lets you play any game in virtual reality. You just need your smartphone, your PC and a headset which - in Google Cardboard's case - costs $2 only! The application makes a connection between your phone and your PC and the two of them start 'talking' to each other. You open your favorite game, put the smartphone in the headset and you're ready to dive into the brand new way to experience your entertainment!

For a few days now Intugame VR provides yet another amazing function - watching 360° videos! They are among the hit features of YouTube at the moment and you can see an example below.



Now imagine how cool it looks if you look around only by moving your head - just like watching through your own eyes!

New features and even plans will be among the many types of information that you'll be able to find in Intugame's blog - the one you're reading right now! So hang around and make sure you're experiencing the virtual world in its optimal form!