Intugame VR Is Making Way for Intugame SDK

February 8, 2016

Mac, Linux and console versions, controller support, making the cursor visible in-game… these are just a part of the plan we have for Intugame VR. They, along with the customer support of our app, have to go in ‘Stand By’ mode for a while. The reason is that our team consists of only 3 developers and while in Silicon Valley, we have to focus on Intugame SDK.

So if you get an Intugame VR error or the app is not performing well, please, be patient with us in the upcoming months. Yes, we’ll try to answer to as many of you as possible and to keep in touch, but our overall attention to Intugame VR is pretty much on hold.

On the bright side, California and Boost VC have been treating us well and soon we’ll have tons of good news! So stay tuned and if you haven’t subscribed to our newsletter, or followed us on the social networks, do so. It’s worth it!