First Person View of Silicon Valley [Gallery]

February 15, 2016

You're already used to us showing you realistic first person views of your favorite games through Intugame VR. Now we'll take you to a short tour through Silicon Valley where we've been working on Intugame SDK in the last 3 weeks. You'll pretty much see what we've seen.

‍Since Day One in Silicon Valley we felt like we belong! (Georgi on the left, Krasi on the right)

‍Boost VC's campus has a pretty creative interior design.

‍We met so many friendly smart people in this office, it's unbelievable!

‍This is the kind of work progress we love see sometimes...

‍...and this is an epic sight: the first Google Cardboard!

‍We promise you, Silicon Valley never seizes to amaze.

‍While people in our home country - Bulgaria - were fighting snow storms, we were lucky enough to bathe in the sun and gaze at tall palm trees.

A few more notes:

  • Food is everywhere around Boost VC's campus. It's great!
  • HTC Vive is huge in the VR dev community.
  • Thanks to some of our fellow devs here at campus who attended Vision Summit 2016, we'll be able to get an HTC Vive in our hands to try since Gabe Newell gave away devices to all attendees!
  • People here share all kinds of insight and experience.
  • Important people from industry giants visit us, look at our work, give us feedback, connect... it really is the place to be if you're a VR or bitcoin developer!